Carol Pogash is an all terrain writer whose stories have been published in The New York Times on the front page and in National, Arts & Leisure, Business, Science, Style, Sports and the Op Ed sections.

She’s covered AIDS, homelessness, a Golden Gate Bridge suicide barrier and the country’s first cat cafe.

She’s been a newspaper reporter and columnist, magazine writer and editor, TV reporter, Internet editor and writer, radio essayist and author.

Pogash is editor of Quotations from Chairman Trump (2016) , a collection of Trump quotes from his presidential campaign. The little red book is modeled after Mao, but Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Larry Wilmore were Pogash’s inspirations. The book is available at bookstores, Amazon and all Urban Outfitter stores in the U.S. Quotations is in its third printing.

She wrote As Real As It Gets: The Life of a Hospital at the Center of the AIDS Epidemic, with a foreword by Randy Shilts, and Seduced by Madness: The True Story of the Susan Polk Murder Case, which was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

Pogash lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and in the northwoods of Wisconsin.

You can follow her on Twitter @cpogash

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